Tech’s Best of Summer ’21

Arianna Lawrence, Copy Editor

Summer 2021 was marked by rapid COVID spread and the looming return of post-pandemic life. In the midst of relentless uncertainty, we turned to art and entertainment to sustain ourselves. After polling over 200 students, The Survey compiled a list of Brooklyn Tech students’ favorite releases and events in music, television shows, pop culture, film, and fashion this past season.



Tech’s Top Pick: Planet Her, Doja Cat

Amid a summer that was monotonous for many, it was an enthralling season for music. In rap, we received chart-topping drops from two of the biggest names in the industry, Drake’s Certified Lover Boy and Kanye’s Donda. Lana Del Rey surprised us by releasing Blue Banisters and Billie Eilish’s second studio album Happier Than Ever climbed to No.1 on the Billboard 200.



Tech’s Top Pick: Brooklyn Nine-Nine

This summer highlighted old fan faves and an exciting surge in shows appeared on the small screen. Grey’s Anatomy wrapped up its 17th season, delighting long-term fans but also prompting debates on when (and if) the show will end. Two fan-favorites released their final seasons: Gracie and Frankie and Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Netflix’s Never Have I Ever’s second season inspired waves of tweets and TikToks, claiming the platform’s #1 Trending spot. After catapulting to success at the beginning of quarantine, Outer Banks released its second season.



Tech’s Top Pick: 2021 Tokyo Olympics

Summer ‘21 was a bizarre season for pop culture, no doubt influenced by the strangeness of a global pandemic. Billionaire Elon Musk and former anti-imperialist musician Grimes announced their split. Rapper Nicki Minaj released a series of tweets regarding her cousin in Trinidad who was afflicted with an interesting condition that took Twitter by storm. In the world of sports, America boasted 39 gold medals in the 2021 Tokyo Olympics. A pinnacle event in the world of fashion, the Met Gala’s “In America” theme left many disappointed. Trump was suspended from Facebook (just a few months after his infamous Twitter ban), and social media was set aflame with intense debates on digital regulations. Billionaire Jeff Bezos went to space, prompting heated discussions about sustainability and the excess of wealth.



Tech’s Top Pick: Shang-Chi

The big screen featured whimsical and action-packed films for a summer that seemed the opposite. Movie adaptations of the musicals Dear Evan Hansen and In The Heights debuted. Marvel’s Shang-Chi enamored audiences, boasting a 92% on Rotten Tomatoes. Disney’s Luca premiered on Disney+, charming audiences with a coming-of-age tale set in the Italian countryside. The Conjuring 3 received mixed reviews from fans and critics alike. Concrete Cowboys debuted on Netflix, earning the platform’s #1 Trending spot.



Tech’s Top Pick: Rectangle Shades
This summer, we saw a wave of bright, fun pieces to combat the dreariness of the pandemic. Chunky beaded jewelry and colorful crochet dominated this summer, accented by 60s-style rectangular shades. Halter tops with eye-catching designs and long shorts were in, reminiscent of the early 2000s. Gen Z’s accessory of choice, the tote bag, received an upgrade, swapping the usual canvas for knit.