Students and Teachers Respond to the Especially Snowy Winter

By Daniel Brumer

The east coast has seen extreme weather so far in 2014, especially in January. According to Newsday, over 22 inches of snow has hit the New York in just two major snowstorms of January.

Mr. Edwards, the Online Administrator, said, “I’ve been somewhat prepared for this type of weather. I have made sure to have a full tank of gas and got some extra groceries. Luckily so far the snow that’s fallen hasn’t been too wet, or it would be much more of a challenge to drive to school.”

February did not show much improvement. On February 3rd, snow totaled over 8 inches followed up by sleet and rain on February 5th. However, to some, this winter hasn’t been the worst winter New York has faced.

Jean-Paul Torres, Spanish teacher, said, “The winter of 2010 was much harder on New York. I’ve gotten used to this weather after living here for 27 years. I prepared like anyone else, getting extra gasoline and groceries.”

Students, however, can’t always prepare for these snowstorms. Many rely on the MTA to get to school, which may have jeopardized their safety when commuting.

“We should have had more than one day off. The weather has been crazy,” said Aqsa Naeem ’14.

Some students, however, are willing to tough it out.

Mirza Uddin ’14 said, “The weather conditions were not that poor. Snow days can only happen when there are serious obstructions in transportation. I think our mayor did a great job ensuring that the subway, buses, and cars were fully functional.”

While public transportation was functioning, maintaining the sidewalks was a more difficult job. With ice and snow covering the streets for weeks, walking to and from the subway station or bus stop was especially perilous.

“The sidewalks were a little wet but not all that difficult to navigate. It really wasn’t at all impossible to travel. For me the G train was a little slow, but the G is always a little slow. It would’ve been nice to have a day off, but really not that necessary,” said Michela Rynczak ’14.

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