Cover Photo by Adi Talwar for Picture this: throngs of nervous, acne-ridden 13-year-olds, slowly making their way into select high schools all across the city, about to take an exam which they feel will determine their entire future. Spoiler: it won’t. But will it determine where they spend the nextRead More →

Congratulations to the Boys Badminton Team for placing second in the City Championship! The season was wrapped up on Tuesday, November 6th. The marvelous season started with a thrilling winning score of 5-0 against Martin Luther King High School. From there on, the boys blew away their competition, undefeated inRead More →

By Alex Chan ’18 As we continue to go about our classes, we come to a realization that we are already at the end of the school year. With a few more days of actual classes, regents week will take the place of classes and continue the torturing. But afterRead More →

Clowns and snakes certainly are terrifying, as is being confined in a crawl space or mauled by zombies, however, despite the existence of all these horrifying abominations America’s number one fear remains public speaking. Why is public speaking so terrifying? Why is it that when we are asked to speakRead More →

Amelia Seepersaud ’20 For many students, Mondays are the day they dread most. Monday, May 15th however, was a day many Tech students were looking forward to. Kaskade, renowned DJ, came to perform a live concert in Tech’s auditorium. Upon entering the auditorium, bright lights lit up the stage, withRead More →

Shivanie Patiram ’20 On March 31st, 2017, Netflix released its highly anticipated original series 13 Reasons Why. Based on a novel by Jay Asher (published in 2007), the show was an immediate hit, being the most-tweeted about Netflix show during the very first week of its debut. Since March, itRead More →

Kevin Song ’18 “Amélie has a strange feeling of absolute harmony. It’s a perfect moment. A soft light, a scent in the air, the quiet murmur of the city. A surge of love, an urge to help mankind overcomes her.” It is these lines that encapsulate the film, Amélie. DirectedRead More →

By Alex Chan ‘18 For this culture themed article, we move towards the eastern hemisphere. A large country home to almost twenty percent of the world’s population, The People’s Republic of China, or more known as simply China. China has been around for more than a millennium, but it wasRead More →

By Alex Chan ‘18   Coming of age is a young person’s transition from childhood to adulthood. This is the certain age where one’s position in society changes as well as his or her very own nature. This process can be held as a ritual, ceremony, or simply a legalRead More →