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Is alcohol consumption a privilege for those above 21?

In the United States, on the day you turn eighteen, you spontaneously transform from a teenager into an adult. You get the right to vote, join the military, donate blood, rent/purchase a living space, get married without parental consent, smoke cigarettes, purchase a vehicle, get called for jury duty, and

Let’s Play the Number Game

by Natalya Salganik With a population of 5,649 students, Brooklyn Technical High School prides itself on academically nurturing the highest amount of bright minds in the state; however, does our 2,640 difference in students to schools like Stuyvesant truly benefit us? While it’s certainly impressive to have the largest high school

Schedule N(one) Drug

by Tommy Nunez Marijuana is a burning topic that is sweeping the nation and has been for quite sometime. Many people wonder why marijuana is categorized as a Schedule 1 drug. According to the DEA, “Schedule 1 drugs, substances, or chemicals are defined as drugs with no currently accepted medical use

Bowling: The Under-Looked Sport

by Tiffany Voon A typical person associates the game of bowling with memories of having fun with friends or family while eating some fried finger food on a weekend. But in fact, bowling is also a competitive sport; professionals may bowl eight taxing games at a time in multiple day tournaments.

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