The Truth About College Prep

By Esther Wen

College Prep is one of the many majors offered here at Brooklyn Tech. However, its connotation is not always positive. Most students usually associate this major with low grades and slackers.

Unlike the other majors offered at Brooklyn Tech, the College Prep major does not require specific grades or course history. If a student decides not to submit their choices for their major, they are automatically placed into College Prep. If they select College Prep as their first choice, they will be given a spot and will not be considered for any other majors.

Even though anyone can get into this major, College Prep offers students a wide variety of courses to choose from; it is the most flexible major. Juniors in College Prep are required to take Principles of Engineering and an AP course of their choice. As seniors, they take another AP course as well as a Project Lead the Way (PLTW) class.

Michael Boulis, a teacher in the Civil Engineering major, has taught many College Prep students who have Civil Engineering and Architecture as their PLTW elective.

“Eighty percent of the College Prep kids are open-minded and determined,” says Boulis.

Kieran Hurley ’13, a senior in the College Prep major, said, “College Prep provides a degree of flexibility that other majors don’t. I can take classes in all different areas which is good because I can see what I really enjoy doing.”

This year, Brooklyn Tech decided to change the College Prep major requirements. With these new changes, juniors are only required to take Principles of Engineering. As seniors, they are now required to take a PLTW class of their choice as well as a fourth year of science or mathematics.

Additionally, College Prep is now called General Engineering Technology. As the name suggests, it includes two years of engineering or technology classes, and anyone can get in.

Daniel Levin ’14 applied to the major before the school changed its requirements. He stated, “I’m not a fan of the new requirements. I prefer more options regarding AP classes that I can choose senior year instead of a bunch of science and math classes.”

Compared to the other majors such as Law and Society, Mechanical Engineering, and Industrial Design, College Prep does not require a lot of classes. Although the class requirements are not as rigorous as other majors, College Prep still encourages students to take challenging courses. Having less class requirements allows students to choose classes that they’re interested in.

“You can load up on difficult classes or leave school at noon. It’s all up to the individual student,” says Hurley ’13.

Levin ’14 agreed and stated, “Some people are in College Prep because they like a variety of options. It’s not the easiest major, it’s the one with the most options to experience.”

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