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Zara Shariff

Zara Shariff, Editor-in-Chief

Zara Shariff (she/her) is a co-Editor in Chief of The Survey. She values journalism as an outlet for raising marginalized voices, spreading awareness towards underreported issues, and engaging the public in highly controversial discussions. After living in three continents, Zara has grown to recognize the diversity in human culture and perspectives, and she draws upon that recognition as a source of inspiration for her writing. Outside of The Survey, Zara can be found blogging for her own website and serving as the Director of Writing for the Coronavirus Visualization Team, a student-led nonprofit organization at Harvard. Majoring in Advanced Health Professions, Zara also hopes to embark on the pre-med track in college, as she volunteers with cardiac patients at the New York-Presbyterian and interns at a medical diligence company in order to obtain valuable experience in healthcare. She is incredibly excited to watch as The Survey continues to grow and embody the leading source of truth for all of Brooklyn Tech. In her free time, Zara can be found reading psychological thrillers, playing travel soccer for Gotham Girls Football Club, and spending time with her friends!

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