Simran Ghotra The dangers of climate change and other environmental issues are beginning to make an impact on the way people live their lives. More people are choosing hybrid cars, supporting energy efficiency, as they see the need for major reforms within industries that promote deforestation and pollution. The growing mountainRead More →

By Colin Ritter, David Mashkevich, Nazmul Hossain, YuQing Lin The Brooklyn Tech baseball team was looking to complete the team of 28 members. 20 players remained from the previous season, and with 5 members recruited in the fall, only 3 spots remained for over 80 aspiring athletes. The tryouts began onRead More →

Memorial for David Bowie outside of his SoHo apartment in Manhattan On January 10, 2016, another music legend died too young — David Bowie, only 69 years old. Famous for his eccentric aesthetics, spectacular sound, and moving message promoting individuality, freedom of expression, and creativity, David Bowie not only pavedRead More →

Record-Breaking Blizzard   His name was Jonas. The same name as a Disney boy band from the mid 2000s. The same name as a Weezer song. Yet this Jonas, killed at least three people who were merely shoveling their snow, left hundreds without electricity, called for a state of emergencyRead More →

by Lobsang Dolma The Music show on April 30 was one of the most heartwarming events of the year. The show’s main purpose was to commemorate the death of a very influential and beloved person of the school: Mrs. Loren Hall. The chorus, orchestra, and band teamed up for thisRead More →

By: Sara El Roubi For years, Joan Rivers has been entertaining generations with her sarcastic and witty remarks. She has played roles in many movies like Shrek 2 and The Smurfs,  as well as starred in many television shows. Her most recent project was Fashion Police, which airs on E!,Read More →