In late April, two wealthy businessmen who have been involved in New York City politics for decades announced the formation of a new lobbying campaign to reform the specialized high school admissions process. Ronald S. Lauder, Chairman Emeritus of Estee Lauder Companies, an internationally renowned beauty products corporation is BronxRead More →

On election night 2016, all of the experts got it wrong. What was predicted to be a decisive win for Hillary Clinton slowly began tilting further towards Donald Trump and the Republican agenda. As Trump’s electoral count crept up to the 270 mark and his winning the presidency became imminent,Read More →

  On April 30th, 2019, the last two fraternities at Swarthmore College disbanded. The fraternities, Phi Psi and Delta Upsilon, were housed in two on campus, college owned buildings. Their termination followed the release of past fraternity documents and protests by other Swarthmore students.  In April of this year, twoRead More →

  Venezuela, once the richest country in Latin America, and home to one of the largest oil reserves in the world, has been experiencing a massive economic downturn. Many people attribute the problems to the economic mismanagement and political corruption under Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro. The International Monetary Fund hasRead More →

In the year 2000, officials declared that measles had been eliminated from the United States of America. Yet, measles outbreaks have been reported in twenty-six American states, just since the beginning of 2019. Certain areas of New York, including Brooklyn and Queens, are seeing dramatic outbreaks. The reason behind theRead More →

Andrew Yang is a presidential candidate that is seemingly out of left field on the democratic stage. A single-issue candidate promoting a Universal Basic Income or UBI, Yang has grown in popularity nonstop since his campaign began in november of 2017.    The main theory behind UBI is that automationRead More →