‘Tis the Season…For Spotify Wrapped!


Spotify Wrapped is personalized data that Spotify has been releasing every year since 2016. The long-awaited 2022 edition of Spotify Wrapped dropped on November 30th. Since then, Spotify users from all over the world have flooded their followers’ Instagram feeds with screenshots of their top artists, most played songs, and listening personalities.

The listening personality feature was added this year. It measures four metrics of the music you listen to, and assigns you one of sixteen personalities. The purpose is to show listeners not just the type of music they listen to, but also who they are as fans of music and people.

The executive board of BTHS Polymuse, a club that discusses music from a variety of genres, shared their Spotify Wrappeds with The Survey. Nathalie Castaneda (‘23) and Rebecca Sampson (‘23), were “Early Adopters,” people who always keep up with the latest hits and explore new music.

Sampson thinks that Spotify Wrapped is an important way to “show you your entire year through music.”

“It brings you back to music you loved months ago and reminds you of parts of your life you may have forgotten,” she explained.

Amna Chaudhry’s (‘23) listening personality was “The Enthusiast,” which Spotify defined as a ‘superfan’ who goes above and beyond to support their favorite artists. This was definitely fitting, as Chaudhry was in the top 0.005% of Drake listeners in 2022.

“I hope Drake sees this article,” Sampson joked, in reference to Chaudhry’s impressive dedication. However, Sampson also showed impressive dedication to her top artist, Mitski, as a top 1% listener.

Chaudhry added that she was happy to see the progression of her musical taste over a year and that “comparing music with friends is always fun.” The personal elements of Spotify Wrapped show users information about them, but the social elements connect people through sharing results.

Essence Gantt (‘23) was “The Adventurer.” This listening personality speaks to curiosity, variety, and the desire to seek out new artists and songs. Gantt’s top artist was Noname, and she was in the top 0.01% of Noname’s listeners.

Spotify Wrapped has created a new way of interpreting music taste. It provides people with a source of identity, fun, and bragging rights if you are just as dedicated to your top artist as the Polymuse executives are to theirs.

With 2022’s Spotify Wrapped coming to a close, music listeners eagerly await next year’s results.