20s Speakeasy Costs $20 More Than Last Year


Photo courtesy of City Experiences.

Kiran Yeh, Editor-in-Chief

As winter approaches, so does the annual dance for seniors at Brooklyn Tech–only now the cost per ticket is twenty dollars more expensive than last year. Members of the class of 2023 have expressed their frustration with the price of the event, in addition to other senior dues they have to pay.

Unlike many suburban high schools that host several senior events throughout the year, such as homecoming and winter formal, the Senior Council and the COSAs (Coordinators of Student Activities) direct their energy into just two dances for Tech seniors: the Masquerade Ball and prom. This year’s 1920s Speakeasy Ball on the Hornblower Infinity Boat will take place on November 10th, and costs $120 per ticket.

In a recent poll, 86% of seniors believed that the Speakeasy event was too expensive. “I feel like renting out a whole yacht for a 1920s themed party doesn’t really make sense,” said Aerospace major Roman Kutzenov (‘23). “I feel like it’s also a strain on the pockets of seniors who are already paying for yearbook photos, college applications, and just overall it’s a tough time for that.” 

Ms. Massie, one of the COSAs in charge of the event, explained the price was already expensive in order to pay for the boat, DJ, food, security (and tips), and staff, but inflation only worsened the prices. “The maximum number of students that could fit on the boat was 500 students, and we needed 350 to fulfill the money,” she said. “I have to pay the people.” This year, almost 400 students will be attending, and the extra money will be allocated to the prom and additional dues.

For those who cannot afford to pay for the ball or other senior dues, there are rare alumni donations available to students who might really need the assistance. If students require financial help, they can speak to Ms. Massie or other COSAs to discuss options. 

Another senior, Jonelle Gordon in the Biological Science major, acknowledged that there was reasoning behind the price but still expressed her hesitation before buying a ticket. “I didn’t think it was crazy expensive because I know that the school has to pay for the yacht and catering, but the price definitely did play a factor in my not being ecstatic to go,”  Gordon admitted.  “I know that quite a few of my friends weren’t going to go to Masq[uerade] because of the price which dissuaded me from paying until just a few days before the deadline.”

Sumithra Paul, Treasurer for the Class of 2023 and one of the students planning the event, admitted that the ticket was costly, but argued the price was justifiable. “The event is expensive, but it’s a top of the line venue, Hornblower Infinity Yacht,” he said. “We couldn’t decrease the price even if we wanted to, the only way would be to change the venue, and that would definitely be against popular opinion since going on the boat is a tradition all Seniors are aware of.”

Despite the pushback from the graduating class, many students are still willing to pay the price, feeling that the Speakeasy is an essential high school experience not worth missing. “I’m going because it’s a once in a lifetime experience surrounded by my friends and classmates,” said Kutzenov. “But I feel like you can have the same experiences for a much cheaper price tag.”