Tech Celebrates Women’s History Month

In honor of Women’s History Month, Brooklyn Tech shared the story of a different female figure in the daily announcements every day in March. These daily stories became an important part of students’ routines, as they highlighted underrepresented groups of women successful in a range of fields.

In an interview, Ms. Massie explained that Women’s History Month holds significance because “women still are struggling to compete with men.” She related this to the professional world, saying, “Women in many cases still get paid less and are treated differently than their male counterparts. I think the history month allows for awareness and growth of accepting women as equals in every way.” In bringing up this point, she highlights an important fact: many are unaware of the reality that men and women are still paid unequally.

 In 2022, women earn 82 cents for every dollar that men earn, underscoring the lack of equality that remains today. On March 15th, National Equal Pay Day was celebrated as a dedication and reminder to all that women must continually work more to earn the same amount as men. 

Social studies teacher Ms. Germany was also happy to express her thoughts behind the month and explain its importance. In an interview, she described that, “Policies like equal pay for equal work (particularly for BIPOC), paid family leave, unfettered access to reproductive health care (including for LGBTQ+), workplaces free of sexual harassment, gender-based violence (which disproportionately impacts Black trans women), and affordable child-care options would be a good start.” Women are valuable contributors to the country in many ways but “are still oppressed and marginalized in virtually every corner of the world, including the US,” she added. Ms. Germany also expressed that having a month to honor women was simply “the least a country can do.”

Students alike shared the sentiments of Ms. Germany and Ms. Massie by communicating the struggles that women have had to endure in the past, and are still enduring, arguing that a month dedicated to them is a step towards the equality they deserve.

Biological Sciences major Ashley Wong (‘23) remarked, “Women have historically been underrepresented and taken advantage of by men and overshadowed by society.” She felt that “by dedicating a month to [women] and their historical background, you’re enabling young minds and society as a whole to reflect on the past and see the crucial role that women played in it.”

Adding on, Software Engineering major Dia Brar (‘23) stated, “Honoring women during this month is an important part of recognizing how they contribute to the world in ways we don’t always acknowledge.” She added that “hopefully through initiatives like Women’s History Month, we can see more growth, representation, and opportunities for women in fields such as computer science and engineering, as we as a society expand our minds and view women as capable and intelligent members of society.”

Women’s History Month at Tech was met with tremendous support from staff and students. In remembering women’s role in society through past and present, students are met with ideas of them often limited by media coverage and gender roles that dominate. However, with the emergence of days dedicated to women, a spotlight is put on them, forcing society to shift its focus to consider how women have made a profound impact on the world.