Annie Li ’18 The Pacific Trash Vortex, or the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, can be found in the central North Pacific Ocean. Discovered by Charles Moore when he was sailing from Hawaii from California when he found his boat surrounded by industrial waste. This turned out to be aggregated debrisRead More →

By Rhia Singh ‘17 Zombies are thought to exist purely in the realm of fantasy, but they may be much closer than they appear. Zombies are usually thought of as undead humans that crave brains, and they usually walk with stiff legs and with arms that are perpendicular to theRead More →

By Hanna Biassonava Ten years ago, we would not have been able to imagine the technology that is available today. Take the smartphone, GPS, Bluetooth, wireless charging, or wearable technology, all of which have had major improvements. But what awaits these tiny, powerful computers next? When asked what he looks forwardRead More →

By: Rhia Singh’17 On Friday, September 4th to Sunday, September 6th, Benjamin Spiegel’17, August Trollbäck’17, Mary Karroqe’16, and Kevin Zheng’17 participated in PennApps. PennApps is an international collegiate hackathon organized by the students of the University of Pennsylvania. Teams of up to 4 people spend 12-36 hours developing software andRead More →

by Rose McCormack                This year’s Nobel prize winners all made advancements in their fields.  Particularly the winners in the science categories- physics, chemistry and medicine- who made monumental discoveries. Takaaki Kajita and Arthur McDonald received the Nobel Prize for physics. They discovered that particles called neutrinos have mass. Neutrinos areRead More →

By Olena Nazarenko You’ve just taken three quizzes and a test, and you’ve got one more class to go. Only you’d gotten three hours of sleep last night, so what you really want is to crawl into a deli or a Starbucks to buy yourself a desperately needed cup ofRead More →

By Brandon Wood Biological 3D printing transplanted is very promising field as it holds the potential to reduce the amount of replace donor wait lists. However, there are some arguments against pursuing this technology, as opponents claim that the economic repercussions make the future technology not worth investing time into.Read More →