By Mahgul Mansoor A toilet set on fire, trash cans thrown out of windows and stuck between pipes on the ceiling, and overflowing sinks, along with other acts of vandalism, recently caused the administration to take prompt action. The boy’s and girl’s bathrooms on all floors, excluding the first andRead More →

By Mahgul Mansoor This September brought about many changes in Tech’s grading policy, such as the introduction of a quarter-based calendar and, perhaps the most controversial change, the annualization of students’ averages. This new policy eliminates the “clean slate” formerly offered with the new Spring term, making students’ averages atRead More →

Saturday, February 09, 2013 By Mahgul Mansoor In the lives of many students, technology and communications have made portable devices very accessible. These technological advances have become increasingly important in our everyday lives. Whether it is an iPod, laptop, kindle, or a cell phone, almost every student is carrying someRead More →

Saturday, February 09, 2013 By Maria Sawiris On Wednesday, January 30th, Tech was evacuated after receiving reports of a bomb threat. All after school activities were cancelled, and students were instructed to go home while police officers swept through the building. At the time, the administration did not inform theRead More →

By Hazel Millard A dolphin is trapped in the highly contaminated waters of Brooklyn’s Gowanus Canal. It is currently located at the end of Degraw Street. Crowds and news teams from NY1, ABC, and NBC, were spotted along the banks of the canal. The Gowanus Canal was declared a federalRead More →

By Esther Wen College Prep is one of the many majors offered here at Brooklyn Tech. However, its connotation is not always positive. Most students usually associate this major with low grades and slackers. Unlike the other majors offered at Brooklyn Tech, the College Prep major does not require specificRead More →