Preview of April 20th Walkout

Just over a month after Tech and thousands of schools across the nation walked out in mourning of the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, FL, Tech students plan to do it again on April 20th. Like the walkout on March 14th, students will walkout at 10 am, only this time they will go by subway to Washington Square Park in lower Manhattan to be joined by 25 other schools in protest.

The importance of April 20th is its history: on the same day in 1999 in Columbine Colorado, the local high school became victim to a school shooting, one of the most famous in history. Since then, 270 American schools have been victims of a school shooting, in which there have been 141 deaths. New York City school students want Congress to act to protect schools by implementing stricter laws against firearms.

The Survey had the opportunity to ask some questions to the Tech student co-organizer of the March 14th and April 20th walkout, Alex Bavalsky. He gave comments on his hopes for this walkout.

“We expect at least 5,000 students, although the number may be much higher. Last time, every school had its own walkout, which made them individually smaller and more divided. We are divided no longer and will showcase our strength and resolve in Washington Square Park for all to see.”

The size and timing of these walkouts are a testament to the methods the student organizers have used to make these protests effective. For both walkouts, students have used social media to aid the spread of information.

In this walkout, they have a Facebook page, Instagram and Twitter @NYCsaysenough. Social media has allowed for the spread of information and made Tech students aware that these walkouts are happening.

Bavalsky went on to explain why walking out is so important, stating “We must continue to show elected officials that if they continue failing to represent their constituents, they will promptly be voted out of office.”

He concluded, explaining “It’s been 19 years since Columbine- longer than any Tech student has lived. That’s a long time for Congress to do nothing about the gun violence plaguing our schools and our nation.”

It is this frustration that has fueled students across the nation to have their voices heard. The hope in these students is that the deaths of students in Columbine and the 270 school shooting since then, will not have died in vain. On April 20th at 10am, students of Brooklyn Tech will stand in protest of the 19 years on inaction by Congress.

For students seeking more information on this event, explore the websites and

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  1. Every courthouse in America has a metal detector and an armed guard at the door and inside. The law knows gun control will not stop any shootings.

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