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Snow Day

Record-Breaking Blizzard


His name was Jonas. The same name as a Disney boy band from the mid 2000s. The same name as a Weezer song. Yet this Jonas, killed at least three people who were merely shoveling their snow, left hundreds without electricity, called for a state of emergency in New York City, and shut down all transportation methods, but also let people of all ages enjoy the snow we hadn’t seen in a year. January 23, 2016, marked this record-breaking blizzard in the Northeast.

Despite below freezing temperatures, 35 mile per hour winds, and white frozen flakes pouring from the sky, adults, children, and the elderly, made their way outside to take a walk in this real-life snow globe.

One of the most iconic places in the city, Central Park, was saturated with youth and laughter — along with frosted trees, and long, fluffy, white, untouched paths.

The paths that were walked on, showed even more diversity of those playing and sledding in the park, ranging from human pedestrians to our canine friends.

Even if we do not receive the final record-breaking 1.9 inches of snow (that would make today the most snow we’ve ever had), we still broke lesser records, and the region lived together through the struggles, hardships, smiles, and enjoyment of this white day.

EDIT: as of 11AM on January 24, we were one tenth of an inch away from being the snowiest day we’ve ever lived.

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