iPhone 5s Vs. Phone 6: What’s the Difference?

iPhone 5 and iPhone 6 comparison

By Zunera Nasir ‘18

If you aren’t living under a rock with only squirrels for company, you’re bound to have been within at least a 1-mile radius of an iPhone.

Apple products have been around since the 1970s, but they’ve only recently begun to receive an influx of attention.

In fact, the newest two Apple iPhones surfaced onto the market just last month: the iPhone 6, and the 6+. Seeing as the 6+ is large enough to speak for itself, the comparison here is made generally between the iPhone 5s and 6.

Most user complaints about the iPhone 6 are geared towards its size. “The biggest difference [between the 5s and 6] is just the screen size,” states Brian Chen ’18. “It’s still 720p but in a bigger screen.”

As a proud owner of the iPhone 5s, I can’t say that I want to get the newest in a line of Samsung Galaxy look-alikes.

Alina Chepets ’18 seems to agree: “…it’s [the iPhone 6 is] becoming more like a Samsung Galaxy and that’s not good because Apple and Samsung are pretty much rivals.” The fact that I have a (increasingly lackluster) daily argument with my father about Apple vs. Samsung just adds insult to injury.

Another problem with the iPhone 6 is its camera. The fact that the camera protrudes seems to annoy some users.

I know I would be worried if the phone was placed anywhere carelessly, resulting in either a damaged camera or screen..  Taking selfies, while entertaining to some, isn’t really the most crucial part of my day, so I don’t see  why Apple improved upon its original camera design.

Many users such are eager to trade in their 5s for a 6.  John Garcia ’18, says, “I would say I prefer the 6, not only because it’s newer, but because it runs on a faster chip (A8 chip with 64-bit architecture) therefore its smoother and faster than the 5S (which runs an A7 chip).”

Even as someone who doesn’t understand technological terms very well, I guess you can’t fight speed—I’m pretty impatient myself, so for those who prefer to get things done quickly, the iPhone 6 is probably the better choice.

As an Apple user, I’m satisfied. There are always improvements to be made, but none that stand out too clearly.

Ultimately, I would choose to stick with my iPhone 5s, but only because I hate big phones. Besides, everything I need to do on my phone can be done on my iPhone 5s.

Clearly, as reviews are pouring in by Apple users, the iPhone 6 isn’t a great stretch of the iPhone 5s, and I find myself wholly unimpressed.


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