Fantasy Basketball League is Heating Up at Tech

By Mir Kahn and Saif Khalique

Yahoo!'s Fantasy Basketball












For most people, basketball starts and stops after watching their favorite teams on television. But some fans take their passion for the game to the next level by making their own fantasy teams consisting of the best players in the NBA.

Participating in a fantasy league for any sport is a way to prove that someone’s favorite players are actually the best in the league. Others participate in fantasy leagues because they want to develop more knowledge about a certain sport.

At Tech, there is a fantasy league for basketball that meets in chemistry teacher Sooraj Nair’s room. After school, the students discuss their rankings, and socialize with other participants on a weekly basis.

Arda Dalkir ‘15, said, “Fantasy leagues are a fun way to get really competitive with people you’re usually chill with, whether or not they know much about the sport.”

This past week marked the start of this year’s fantasy league, which has been running since the conclusion of last year’s NBA season. Participants have been preparing for weeks leading up to the start of this year’s fantasy basketball league, having researched NBA draft picks and watched NBA pre-season games.

Nair and the participants have also resorted to some tech-savvy alternatives to keep track of their fantasy team’s scores, as they use Yahoo! website’s fantasy basketball interface to keep track of their team’s rankings. Last year, the fantasy basketball league was comprised of a handful of competitors, but this year the number of competitors (or teams) has jumped to sixteen.

The defending champion, Daniel Dayen ‘15, talked about his experience, “It feels great and very unexpected because last year was my first time in a fantasy basketball league. I hope my picks help me win this year as well and end my senior year on a good note.”

Rookie Brian Sarango ‘15 is in his first year participating in the fantasy basketball league and he said, “My first year in the fantasy league feels strange, especially since I don’t know much about basketball. I know some of the basics, but I have trouble grasping some of the more complicated aspects of the sport and it feels like I’m at a disadvantage. But despite this, I’m hopeful that I’ll do well in the coming weeks.”


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