Are Ivy League Degrees Worth the Investment?

By Brandon Wood

Many students dream of one day attending lectures at a school as prestigious as Cornell, Columbia, or Harvard. We grind, cram, and study into oblivion for the chance to receive a coveted acceptance letter from one of these schools.

Recently, however, some people have become hesitant to invest in an Ivy League degree.

Ivy-leaugeThis is due in part to the exorbitant tuitions of these schools, as well as to the feeling that one can receive an adequate education for a much lower price.

Students who are lucky enough to get into top schools have a tough question to answer: Are the benefits of an Ivy League education and the perks of a degree worth the investment?

One problem is that the investment is becoming riskier to make since the interest on all student loans taken out after June 2014 will have an increased rate. Many economists expect this trend to continue as the U.S. hits $1.2 trillion in total student loans debt.

Others have become skeptical of the superiority of an Ivy League education over that of any other university.

Yongjun Lee, a chemistry teacher at Brooklyn Tech says, “I feel that [Ivy League degrees] are required for some high profile jobs, but they are not necessary for the actual work itself.”

In other words, Ivy-League degrees might help you land the job, but they aren’t always essential for your work.

However, this is always based on the caliber of work you wish to pursue. The quality of your education may make a world of difference should you choose to pursue a more ambitious career path.

Isaac Honor, a math teacher at Tech with an exceptional amount of advanced education says, “Whether or not you decide to go to an Ivy League school is entirely based on your long-term goals. For instance, if you see yourself entering politics, it may very well benefit you to go to Harvard and get the proper networking.”Ivy-League_1396355727073_3932906_ver1.0_640_480

Networking is a huge advantage that going to an Ivy League school offers. Going to a prestigious university can get you far, but knowing the right people can get you farther, especially when working in a financial or political environment.

Saying whether an Ivy League degree is better or worse than any other college education is akin to determining whether gray is a light black or dark white. The truth is that the situation is completely different for each individual.

The simplistic answer would be that Ivy League degrees can open doors that most colleges can’t. This includes having access to cutting-edge materials, better networks, or anything in between.

However, this comes with a significantly higher price tag, and getting a degree anywhere will allow you to do many things that you wouldn’t normally have access to.

It therefore comes down to deciding where you would like to take your career, and whether or not you feel that the benefits of the degree are worth the cost.

As I said before, this is a completely personal dilemma, and the situation is complex. Keep in mind that the path you choose to take is entirely your own and that you are the person best suited to choose it.

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