Airmech: A Legend in the Making

By Lucas Ardon, Mark Roginkin, and Jeremie Mutolo

UntitledWhile most people who play PC games at tech are very focused on League of Legends (aside from a small crowd of DOTA2 and Counter-Strike GO players), a new game rising in the ranks of popularity has come to challenge that fact.

Airmech is a strategy-based MOBA that allows you to play as a mech that transforms between two forms- a giant robot and a flying vehicle. While most of the vehicle forms are planes, there are two that are helicopters and one that is a flying saucer.

The objective of the game is to conquer as many bases on the map as possible to make it to the opposite side and destroy the opposing team’s stronghold. The bases throughout the map are guarded by neutral units controlled by the AI, and in order to take over the bases, you must defeat the units guarding them first.

The game also has a survival mode in which anywhere between 1-4 players can try their hand at surviving against increasingly difficult waves of units attack their base. Andrew Leong ’ 16 has played the game and said, “It’s a bit hard to get the hang of it at first, but once you figure it out, it isn’t that hard to be good at it.”

The game has its advantages over other games of its genre as it is both faster and easier to get the hang of than most MOBAs. The game, however, is not without some disadvantages. For example,  the game lacks an extensive and diverse player base and its social aspect is not as well refined.

To add on to the game’s flaws, both the chats and friend list feature feel somewhat incomplete. It also requires slightly better computer specs than League of Legends does. Cristina Chen ‘18 said, “I tried to download the game because it looked interesting, but once I downloaded it, I couldn’t play it because the writing was all pixelated and illegible.”

The game nonetheless can be compared League of Legends, and despite their differences, avid League of Legends player Samud Qureshi ‘16 said, “If you like League, you’ll like this game.”


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