Tech Varsity Football Mid-Season Update

By Ilana Urman

Tech Football, currently mid-season, is going strong with a score of 4-2. Such a score already surpasses the previous season, which ended with an overall game count of 2-7.

Zaria Holcomb ’15, the team’s manager, said, “The games this year are exciting and high-paced. Tech continues to push forward, now 4-2. There are many reasons why Tech is doing so well this year, but I believe the team chemistry – the strong bond between the players – is one of the biggest factors.”

The team’s loss against New Utrecht High School, with a score of 0-16, has been the only major loss so far.  The successes have been more plentiful. The game against Canarsie High School was extremely close, with Tech taking the win with a score of 21-20. The winning touchdown was scored by Alpha Gamby ’15 and thrown by Elijah Rueda ’15.

Coach Kyle Mckenna said, “In the close games, it’s the camaraderie that pushes them through. So far, when it’s been time to come through, we have been successful.

The team credits much of their improved playing this season to a honed team dynamic. The players feel a greater sense of focus and drive this year, with hopes of making playoffs. In recent years, Tech Football participated in the playoffs in 2009 and 2011.  In 2010, the team made it to Quarter Finals.

Shariful Khan ’15 said, “The team has improved extremely from last year. We know we still have a lot of things to fix and improve, and we’re working on a daily basis to get to the point of playing in Yankee Stadium for the championship.”

For over twenty team members, this year is their last on the team.

Stephon Henry ’15 said, “As a senior, it’s a bittersweet feeling to be leaving this season because of the bond that we’ve made as players and the amazing things we have done over the course of our years together. I also feel like this is the time to really go all out and to set a new standard for seasons to come.”

With hopes of exceeding previous expectations, the team has four games left in this season. The games are against Grand Street, Sheepshead Bay, Erasmus Hall, and Midwood High School.

Mckenna said, “We entered the season with a mantra of getting to 212 degrees, the point at which water boils. One degree less than that and the water won’t boil. We started the season with hopes of doing everything we can to not fall short.”


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