Tech Has a (Coffee) Drinking Problem

By Violetta Jusiega

Photos taken by Neel Panchal

It’s a common sight to see a Brooklyn Tech student with coffee in the morning. Many say that they need coffee to function properly, but this common exercise is controversial for students and teachers.

 Most students who drink coffee drink do so everyday, but Josh Rubin, a PE and Health instructor says, “I think it’s a poor habit to get yourself into, especially at such a young age.”

 Guidance counselor, Debora Chan, agrees and adds that, “High school students are too young to be drinking coffee. In my opinion, even grad students are too young.” She reasons that it contains chemicals that can be harmful to one’s health and can also disrupt one’s sleeping patterns.

 Going to school is already a disruption to student’s sleeping patterns.

 Jessie Xiao ’17 says, “Staying up ‘til one or two in the morning is not really that great. A lot of people drink coffee because of lack of sleep or because they need something to boost their energy to get through the day.”

School—especially with clubs, sports, AP classes and community service—is very demanding for Technites who have an ever growing list of activities outside of school that also demand attention.

 Teachers aren’t the only ones with negative feelings on the subject. In regards to coffee giving an energy boost, Crystal Choi ’15 says, “I think it’s a placebo affect. They can’t help it, but I think [Tech students] should just get more sleep during the weekends.”

 Ali Hossain ’18 says, “Teachers do have a point about coffee, since it is pretty bad for you.”  Students will have to make a choice whether or not they think drinking coffee is worth some of the risks.


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