Run Away from The Maze Runner

By Diya Sharma and Rhia Singh


Originally written as a book by James Dashner, the new movie, The Maze Runner deviates from the book, much to the dismay of fans.

The opening scene in the movie allows the audience to experience the famous maze alongside the main protagonist Thomas, portrayed by actor Dylan O’Brien.  O’Brien was deemed a star to watch in 2014 by The Washington Post and his acting in The Maze Runner is excellent. The audience can feel his confusion, anguish and determination to escape the maze throughout the movie. The real problem with The Maze Runner lies in the movie’s lackluster plot.

The movie understandably lacks the detail that the book provides since it would be boring to watch a movie that goes on for several hours, but several key aspects of the book were neglected in the movie. For example, the book focuses on creatures called beetle blades that watch the boys to make sure they do not escape the maze, thereby giving the storyline a dystopian, Big Brother effect. The movie did not include the beetles at all, which was incredibly disappointing.

In addition, the arrival of some characters in the movie seemed too random, and a major element for building character relationships was completely dismissed.

From the perspective of a someone who did not read the book, the movie was decent. It had action, suspense, and plot twists, but it wasn’t a memorable movie. For a Saturday, it was shocking to see many empty seats in the movie theater, especially in the number of “young adults”, who were the targeted audience.

The movie’s ending was also rather predictable after seeing Thomas and understanding his personality. An upcoming sequel has been announced and fans can only hope that it will be better than the first for the sake of the series.


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