Brooklyn Museum’s Crossing Brooklyn: Art from Bushwick, Bed-Stuy, and Beyond

By Yuri Lee

What comes to mind when you think of Brooklyn? Is it the smiley-face plastic bags you get from delis, the garbage you pick off the streets, the sound of loud music blasting from a nearby car, the omnipresent pigeons that fly too close for comfort, or is it the infamous Brooklyn accent?

Brooklyn Museum’s exhibition, Crossing Brooklyn: Art from Bushwick, Bed-Stuy, and Beyond, tries to answer this question as it combines the artwork of thirty-five Brooklyn-based artists, who put their two cents on what Brooklyn means to them.

Some of things you can expect to encounter in this is exhibit are a custom-built piragua (Puerto Rican shaved-ice dessert) pushcart-tricycle, kites draped across the ceiling, portraits on smiley faces plastic bags, a structure made out of garbage, paintings of the sky for every day of the year, live pigeons cooing in a shack, Obama dresses, a mini-sized street corner (with its own corner deli and mexican food stand), and hand-drawn “maps” of Brooklyn.  Each item reflects key aspects and important neighborhoods in Brooklyn.

Paul Ramírez Jonas’s life-size horse statue on a pedestal made of cork is pinned with notes, pictures, a starbucks napkin, metrocards, pamphlets, flyers,  sunglasses, an ultrasound photo, gum wrappers, leopard panties, a“fortune” in a fortune cookie, lipstick, a wedding invitation.  It showcases the uniqueness of Brooklyn as a borough. All the things that were pinned on the horse represent Jonas’ life and  were contributed by the people of Brooklyn themselves. This makes the piece all the more special as it channels the personality of Brooklyn’s inhabitants.

Tech students should definitely check out this free exhibit, especially since it provides a fun look into our community. Crossing Brooklyn: Art from Bushwick, Bed-Stuy, and Beyond, has truly reflected the chaos, diversity, craziness, and fun that is Brooklyn.



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  1. Fatima Kafele   October 20, 2014 at 11:03 AM

    Thank you for reviewing the show. This is Fatima Kafele at the Brooklyn Museum. I handle media relations.
    I am a proud Brooklyn Tech graduate, Class of 1990.

    Keep up the good work. Please note that visitors under the age of 19 are free. Please share that with your classmates.
    All the best,



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