Beloved Actor Robin Williams Dies at Age 63

By Mir Khan

Beloved Actor Robin Williams Dies at Age 63

robin williams

The famed actor from Chicago, Illinois was found dead in his northern California home on August 11, 2014 at the age of 63, from what investigators report as a suspected hanging.  Robin Williams had suffered from drug abuse, depression, and recently discovered that he was suffering from early stages of Parkinson’s disease. Despite the fact that his sobriety was intact, this new burden is what many people close to the Williams family suspect to be a major factor in his suicide.

The numerous people that Williams touched with his talent and spirit over the years reacted shortly after his death. His co-star on the television show Mork and Mindy, Pam Dawber, released the statement “I am completely and totally devastated. What more can be said?!”

Williams’ co-star from Mrs. Doubtfire, Josh Charles, took to Twitter to remember Williams as he wrote, “Your humor, like hot jazz, was topped by your sensitivity, compassion & kindness. Standing on my desk for you, always.”

Most notably, Williams left behind three children. His daughter Zelda Williams also took to Twitter to remember her father by adding, “I love you. I miss you. I’ll try to keep looking up.”

The beloved actor’s death has also gotten reactions from Technites. Jeffrey Wong ‘15 said,  “I did not expect Robin Williams to go out the way he did.”  Wong’s favorite work of Williams was his role in Flubber.

Even though Robin Williams’ death has come as a shock to many, some always suspected something was up.

“I was not surprised about Robin Williams’ death as I felt someone that seemed so happy didn’t always feel that way”, said Kyle Ferdinand ‘15.  Ferdinand loved Williams in Mork and Mindy.

Some didn’t know much about the older actor but were still affected by his work. Andy Lin ‘15 said,  “I was disappointed to learn that Robin Williams had died because I did not know much about him when he was alive.”

Whether he was a genie, a doctor, an airman, a museum exhibit, or a mad scientist, Robin Williams touched millions of lives with his comedic genius, witty comments, and his kindness. The world has lost as President Obama put it, “a one of a kind actor.”  Rest in peace, Robin.

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