Tech Cricket Team Warming Up

By Saurav Hossain ’18

Brooklyn Tech Cricket team photo

As another school year begins, many PSAL teams have already started practice. The Tech cricket team, for instance, has already started hardcore practice sessions. Last year, the cricket team had a record of 5 wins – 9 losses. Even so, they trained hard to get to playoffs and were ranked as one of the top twenty teams. Their best batting of the season was 124 runs within 20 overs, while the best bowling was restricting a side for only 24 runs and bowling them all out in 8 overs. Their best game of the season was 75 runs within 19 overs in a 20 over game against Prospect Heights Campus.

This year the team is ready to make its mark again. Aritra Nirmal ’15, the captain of the team is hoping to lead his team to victory this year before he graduates.

Nirmal said, “This year is our year. We are stealing it away from everybody else. We work harder than any PSAL cricket team. I believe hard work out weights talent…all though we may not have the most talented team, we have a team with a real love and passion for the game. We have a team with a tiger’s heart. We have a team that’s willing to put in the effort, even though its hard. But it will be worth it. You don’t win the championship in season, you win it now…in the winter.”

The team founder Muhammad Zayd ‘15, is excited for this year’s playoffs.  He started the team with his friend Rahul Chowdhury ’15 in 2012 when they were both in their sophomore year.

Zayd stated, “This year our ultimate goal is to win, because the seniors that first joined the club are now graduating, and we want to win the championship before we leave.  We are practicing every day even in the offseason and winter. We’re working harder than we ever have before and we all get home around 7 every day.”

Muhammad Zayd on the field this past spring in a game against Jamaica

The team’s practice sessions consist of 3 cricket drills, lifting once a week, and conditioning. According to Nirmal the team’s goal is to be mentally and physically tough. The team’s first match is in April. There will be 13 games in the season. They are looking forward to winning every game this year and to becoming undefeated division champs. The coach of the cricket team Steve Flanagan has high expectations for his team as they undergo training.

Flanagan said, “The expectations are to make the playoffs and recruit a strong team. We will do the best we can, we have a good team bond. We’re focusing on batting, team uniting, and will work our best to keep the ball rolling. We must win the championships because most of the seniors on the team will be graduating this year.”
Nirmal knows that winning the championships won’t be easy, but he believes in the strength of the team.  He said, “We will be looking to build a team that is equally strong in all three departments; fielding, bowling and batting. We want to be a team that can take on any challenges…be it chasing a high score or defending a low score. A balanced side is the solution.”

cricket 3
Team huddle



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