Big Sibs Plans to Make a Big Comeback

By Divvy Miller

After a brief hiatus during the 2013-2014 school year, the Big Siblings club will return in the fall under completely new management.

The purpose of the club, according to future Vice President Monika Zaboklicki ’15, “is to welcome incoming freshmen and give them a place to find friends and relevant information about Brooklyn Tech.”

The club will be holding meetings every Friday and include games that encourage team building and bonding. The meetings will also include information sessions to help freshmen understand anything from what staircase to use during passing to what an SAT Subject test is. The club members will be from all grades, with the freshmen typically being the “little sibs” and sophomore, juniors, and seniors “big sibs”.

Many students think that the club is a great idea and will be beneficial to freshmen adjusting to the Tech.

Amanda Schwab ’17 described her first month at Tech as a negative experience. “A club like [Big Sibs] would have been nice. It would have been reassuring,”

Mei Ling Liu ’17 recounted a similar experience, saying she felt “lost” during her first month. “I think [Big Sibs] is useful,” she said. “When I got here, there was no club. I didn’t know anything.”

Other students have doubts about how useful Big Sibs will be. Despite feeling like “part of a flock” in his first month, Wray Crawford ’17 says that given the chance he would not join Big Sibs. “It’s up to everyone to find out what to do. There shouldn’t be a group of people telling them what’s what. They need to find out by themselves.”

At this point, it’s hard to tell whether Big Sibs will make a lasting impact on the Tech community. The club’s potential benefits and drawbacks will only become apparent upon its introduction this coming school year.

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