The New Conrad McRae Gymnasium Coming Fall 2015

By Artur Radetskiy

After receiving a grant from an alumnus, the Tech administration made the decision to renovate the first floor gym. The alumnus, deciding to stay anonymous, used to play basketball for Tech’s team and requested that the money be used for the gym.
The renovations being made to the gym are general changes to keep it new and up to date. The plan is to refurbish the floors, put in a new wall, add more bleachers, and to put more basketball hoops. Most of the physical education teachers are grateful for the planned changes.

“It is usually packed at the games,” said Stephen Gigliello, coach of the Boys Varsity Basketball team. He continued, “Adding more bleachers and room to the gym should be beneficial.”

The renovations are currently scheduled to be completed by September 2015. However, the plans include a lot of different jobs, and some members of faculty have expressed their doubts whether the construction can meet the deadline.

“There is a lot of work to be done and they are on a tight schedule,” said Maureen O’Hara, AP of Physical Education Health and Safety.

Most students like the idea of having the gym renovated but believe that its current state is satisfactory. “Well it’s not a bad thing,” said Alex Quian ‘14, “but I never really saw it as being a necessity.”

Some students argue that there are other things that should fixed before the gym.

“The school should spend time on more important projects,” said Allen Gee ‘15, “like improving school lunch, elevators, and even lockers. The first floor gym overall still looks like it is in good condition.”

The alumnus who donated the money also requested that the gym be renamed for Conrad McRae. McRae is a former a student of Tech and a player for the school boys basketball team. His excellent record on the team earned him the nickname “McNasty,” as well as a scholarship to Syracuse University.

After playing in Syracuse for four years, McRae was drafted by Washington Bullets in the second round of the 1993 NBA draft. He never played a game in the NBA and instead went to Europe to play for a number of teams, including Efes Pilsen. While playing with Efes Pilsen, the team won the European Championship Korać Cup. McRae tried to come back to America and play in the NBA, but unfortunately died during an Orlando Magic summer league practice.

If all goes as planned, the new gym will serve as tribute to a great player and alumnus, as well as a state-of-the-art facility for future Tech players.

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