Table Tennis Becomes an Official PSAL Sport

By Karla Modesto

Although table tennis has long been a popular club at Brooklyn Tech, 2014 will be the first year that it is recognized as a team by the Public School Athletic League.

Essentially, two teams are being formed, one for the boys and one for the girls.

According to Hao Yuan ’17, this news has “created excitement in the club,” which currently has about 50 members.

While the PSAL team is still in its preliminary stages, Clarence McCollum, who has advised the club for the last ten years, assures that “once the team gets going, we’ll be on top. “

Even before talks of a PSAL team, the Tech Table Tennis Club has had four of its members rank in the top ten nationally.

This club’s success can be attributed to the members who have been playing table tennis for years.

Jason Lau ’17 says, “I’ve been in the club four months, but I’ve been playing for about four or five years.”

Maria Balansag is currently overseeing the girl’s team, which is more developed than the boy’s team.

As of now, McCollum is still holding tryouts and getting medical forms together, while Balansag has begun practicing on the seventh floor. Despite this difference, both teams demonstrate potential, especially since teammates and potential teammates show great skills and commitment to the sport.

The club is still taking in members and they are not putting pressure on current members to try out. The club meets every Monday and Wednesday in the Southeast section of the cafeteria during tenth period.

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