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By Ashqul Islam

Tech Blast to the Past with Hairspray the Musical

Get ready Brooklyn Tech, the spring musical is here and it’s a blast from the past.

This year’s musical, Hairspray, is based off the 1988 film of the same name. Set in 1962 Baltimore, Hairspray follows Tracy Turnblad’s dream to dance on the Corny Collins Show. In the process, she falls for the handsome Link Larkin and deals with the mean Von Tussles.

Hairspray is a commentary on racial segregation and integration in the sixties. For example, blacks are only allowed on the Corny Collin Show once a month. But Tracy is racially blind and supports racial integration on the show. This interferes with the racist Von Tussles’es plan.

Although Hairspray has a serious underlying theme, it accomplishes its ideas not through words, but action.

“Hairspray is a really dance heavy musical, which we haven’t really done before in Tech, so that makes it special,” said Margaly Monelus, senior and actor in the play.

Having a musical focused on dancing makes it a lot of hard work. Rehearsals are now daily, including on the weekends. Along with that, there are about twenty-two songs that the entire cast and band have to know by heart.

“It’s difficult for the cast and band to come together,” said Max Andrade, senior and guitarist in the band. “We practiced our parts separately, but we depend on each other to keep the flow going.”

As for the songs themselves, they span multiple genres: rhythm and blues, rock n’ roll, swing, and jazz.

Get ready to sing along and get with the groove of Hairspray in late April. The musical will run from the 24th to the 29th


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