Budget Cuts Devalue Gym Class

By Michelle Lam and Judy Li

It is no surprise that students prioritize challenging courses such as Organic Chemistry, AP Spanish, or DDP over gym, pushing the course to the end of a student’s endless list of things to care about. However, with incoming budget cuts looming over the Physical Education Department, gym might even lose the little importance it still has on a student’s academic career.

According to Maureen O’Hara, the Assistant Principal of Physical Education, says “The principal will refocus the budget in other subject areas.”

With this “refocused” budget, other departments will have additional funding.

However, unlike many classes at Tech, gym depends on its equipment. Many of the materials used in gym classes are in need of a replacement.

“The machines are so rusty and unstable on the 8th floor that I didn’t even want to use them,” says Mia Rodriguez ’16.

The way in which students approach gym is dependent on the kind of workout they expect to get.

Emily Liang ’16 says weight training is “so boring with the same equipment and not beneficial with the same workouts and little importance on the report card,” turning it into a tedious and unwanted class.

Perhaps both the administration and student body is undermining the importance of gym.

While students are constantly busy with schoolwork and have little to no free time to exercise on their own, gym can give them opportunities to exercise in school.

Although many students do not have gym every day, exercising two or three times a week for up to thirty five minutes a session is better than nothing.

O’Hara expresses that gym “is a way to help them relieve stress. It is a time when they actually learn a lifetime skill and be socially active all at the same time.”

Many students agree. Kevin Cheung ‘16 says, “If budgets cuts continue, eventually, students will lose the motivation to exercise on a daily basis.”

This refocused budget away from gym classes is not going to help the students. It will discourage students from appreciating gym class and trying their best.

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