The PSAL Adds Badminton to their Growing Roster of Sports

By Alana Rettig

The Badminton Team is the newest addition to Tech and the Public School Athletic League’s list of sports. This has been a club for many years at Tech, but they are now allowed to take on the PSAL big leagues. This team is open to both boys and girls interested in participating.

Before this year, the club members would only practice amongst themselves, but many felt like that was not enough.

Tracy Wong ’14, a member of the club for four years, said, “Personally, I wanted it to be something more than just a club. Unfortunately, the school and NYC in general don’t really see badminton as a serious sport like basketball or football.”

Wong ’14 has been playing badminton independently since he was in fifth grade. When he heard about the club, he thought it would be a great way to get to play against others and let off some stress, as well as have fun.

The club currently has about 50 members and meets every Monday in the school cafeteria on the west side.

“The best part of the club is when we get to play around and try to beat each other. Although, not all of us are able to play due to the shortage of equipment,” said club member David Quach ’14.

Benny Louie ’14 added, “it’s a great way to get exercise, have fun with friends, and getting club credits is an added bonus.”

For any students interested in joining the new badminton team, the first meeting will be on April 2nd in room 8E14.

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