Mr. Tech & Ms. Tech 2014 Showcases Student Athletes

By Amy Chen

​On Friday, March 14th, several student athletes showcased their physical prowess, after months of bodybuilding in the 4th annual Mr. Tech & Ms. Tech Competition.

Only a limited number of 1,000 spectators were allowed to attend and by the start of the show, almost all the seats were filled.

​The pre-show began at 4:30 with the Breakdance Club, which showed off their moves to loud music and flashing lights. They awed the audience with intricate dance moves and earned great applause.

​By 5:00 P.M., the bodybuilding competition  started. The female competitors were first , and then the males. The males were separated into three categories: lightweight, middleweight, and heavyweight. The female competitors were presented in a single category.

All competitors were asked to stand in different poses by the judges to show off their toned muscles.

In the next round, each of the participants had to show the audience a one minute routine that they choreographed themselves to their choice of music.

​Throughout the competition, there were also special performances from Tech’s Cheerleading Team, the Lady Dragons Step Team, and the Organized Chaos Step Team.

Near the end of the show, the winners were announced. Jacky Chan ’16 won the lightweight category for males.

He described his journey in preparing for this competition.

​“Training was full of all sorts of vigorous workouts. It was 30% training and 70% diet and I trained six days a week. It was tremendously difficult. I felt a great rush of accomplishment and pride when they announced my name. It’s amazing knowing that I was able to achieve such a tough feat at such a young age. Although I won, everyone is a winner because everyone worked and trained hard like me. I would definitely do it again for the journey!”

The rest of the winners included Dezzie Ligon III ’14, who won the middleweight category; Ben Fenyves ’14, who won the heavyweight category and the title of Mr. Tech; and Alexandria Brown ’14, who won first place in the female category.

Mr. Brutus, a Physical Education teacher, played a big part in organizing the competition and in training all the participants. He made a speech at the end of the show thanking the judges and everyone who helped to create the event. He also introduced winners from previous years who described their experiences in taking part of Mr. Tech & Ms. Tech.

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