Champions for Two Years in a Row: Boys Wrestling is Unstoppable

By Karla Modesto

The Brooklyn Tech Engineers have managed to become PSAL City Wrestling Champions for the second year in a row. The City Championships took place February 8th against Petrides’ Panthers. It was no contest, as the Tech Engineers defeating the Panthers with a final score of 54-19.

The tournament began with a forfeit by Petrides giving Tech a 6 point lead. Petrides managed to tie thanks to a win by Mike Espostito (195). Tech then went on to pick up two wins but was forced to give a forfeit against Kevin Velez (99). However, once the lightweight phase began, Tech moved ahead 15-12.

Petrides only won one more match allowing Tech to pick up the victory in the ten remaining matches. The Engineers are no strangers to success, this being their second City Champions title.

City Champion and Brooklyn Tech senior Andy Huang attributes the team’s success to their long line of dedicated coaches.

Huang said, “We have a variety of amazing coaches. Over the past three years we’ve had over 10 different coaches who combined have over 100 years of wrestling experience.”

Many question whether the long tradition of success for Tech in wrestling will continue now that many distinguished seniors are headed to college. Huang assures that “they will continue to be a champion team. Although we have many seniors leaving the starting line up we also have many promising juniors. They can hold down the championship for Tech.”

Fellow teammate and senior, Anthony Gafurova echoes Huang’s statements saying, “Tech will continue to succeed. Us leaving will not negatively impact the team.

Andy Huang was the only Engineer sent to the State Championships. Although he did not win, he is honored to have made it that far. In regards to his years on the team, Huang says surprisingly that the greatest lessons he learned were “to never judge a book by its cover and if you work hard you can do anything.”

He was one of the many engineers who won their matches at the City Championships. Of the experience, he says he remembers, “crying and sweating. I was just so happy. Everyone was!”

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  1. Its good that Brooklyn Tech has a tradition of winning City Championships, but this shouldn’t mean that they get complacent. With teams getting young talent year in year out, soon other schools such as Eagle will be able to challenge Brooklyn Tech for the city championship. If anything Tech should train more rigorously each year to be able to maintain their top spot.

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