Tech Athletics’ Hidden Gem: Boys Hockey

By Tana Siboonruang

It can be hard to keep track of Tech’s many clubs, teams, and extracurricular offerings. One relatively unknown and underappreciated team is the hockey team.

The hockey team plays in a league outside of the PSAL called the House League, at Aviator Sports and Events Center. The Tech team, also known as the Hazard, has a radioactive sign as their logo, which is appropriate for a team run by the Assistant Principal of Chemistry, Thomas Evangelist.


The Hazard. Photo Credit: Tana Siboonruang
The Hazard. Photo Credit: Tana Siboonruang

Evangelist started the team in April 2001. However, unlike most sports teams at Tech, there are no tryouts. The only requirement to play is an interest in hockey. The team’s goal is to introduce hockey to students and help develop them into better players while having fun along the way.

“I just want them to get to know the game, play the game, and enjoy the game,” says Evangelist.

The Hazard has seen much success since it first started. It has had the best record in the league about 15 times out of 23 seasons. With about 17 eager and consistent members this year, the team continues to have success today, maintaining a strong record of 12 wins, three losses, and one tie.

Evangelist credits their success to good teamwork. “We’re consistent. We get to know each other, and we find each other on the ice.”

Despite their success, Evangelist does not want hockey to become a PSAL sport. He feels that the regulations and fees would limit the freedom of his team. Without the PSAL’s rules, the team is able to exercise a certain degree of autonomy. They enjoy more competition time and have two seasons (one from October to March and another from April to June) while PSAL teams usually have only just one season per year.

Just as in other teams, the members of the Hazard get to know each other better and become a close-knit family. Many members still keep in touch with Evangelist even after graduation.

With over a decade of experience in coaching Tech’s hockey team, Evangelist continues to run a team focused on getting to know the game and having fun.

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