What Type of Workload Should my Major Have?

By Jacob Friedman

Brooklyn Tech is unique in many ways, but perhaps the most essential aspect that sets us apart from any other high school are our majors.

Tech offers seventeen majors to rising juniors. Since the majority of classes juniors and seniors take are their major courses, it is important students choose a major that is both interesting to them and has a workload they think they can handle.

Some students lean towards a given major because it offers a lot of Advanced Placement (AP) classes. However, that’s not always the wisest decision.

Richard Depinto, a Visual Design teacher, says “It’s best to apply to a major that has topics/courses that interest you. If those courses have an AP then great, if not that shouldn’t necessarily be a deterrent or the deciding factor.”

It is also important to keep in mind that your major should not prohibit you from taking electives that interest you.

Some of the AP electives offered to students in their junior and senior years are AP Psychology, AP Human Geography, AP Economics, AP US Government, AP Calculus and AP Environmental Science.

These electives give students who do not know which major appeals to them a chance to take a major with fewer required classes and more of an opportunity to take electives.

Shaffat Rahim ’15 says “I chose College Prep as my major so I could make room for all the electives I wanted to take!”

Justin Wong ’15 echoes, “I chose LAS because the major appealed to me and since I didn’t have many classes I was still able to fit in an elective that appealed to me.”

Even though Brooklyn Tech gives its students a great opportunity to focus on subject matters they are interested in by offering many majors, there will still be some students who do not find any of the majors interesting.

In some cases they may just give up and choose a major that has many AP classes, thinking that it will look good for college.

However, the fact of the matter is that the student may not even get college credit, which requires a 4 or 5 on the AP exam, something that is not so easy to accomplish, especially if the student is taking a handful of AP classes.

Depinto adds, “It’s better to apply to a major that has your interests or what you plan on majoring in when you get to college. If the purpose of an AP class is to prepare you for college I can honestly say that each major in BTHS definitely prepares you for college. Over the years I have had numerous students come back to me and tell me that they learned more in my course then they have in their college class and they were always among the top of their class. If that’s the case why do they need an AP course to quantify their knowledge?”

If you are a rising junior or even a freshman, take this advice. Worry less about the quantity of APs a major has, and more on if the major interests you. At the end of the day, the weighted 1.1 on your average will do you no good if you are not motivated enough to do well in the class.

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