Expanding Cultural and Lingual Horizons with Language Electives

Let’s be honest, the majority of Tech students are not too enthusiastic about having to take a foreign language class for two or three years, especially if they took foreign language in middle school. Additionally, since four years of foreign language is not required to graduate, students seldom choose to study another language, which is unfortunate considering that learning a new language can be an extremely rewarding experience.

With all of the electives Tech has to offer, it is disappointing that foreign language is not emphasized. After all, even if most students do not opt to take another language, the option should still be available for those who are interested.

Monica Mikolajczyk ’14 said, “It should definitely be an option, and it looks good to colleges.”

Being familiar with another language is always useful, and to colleges the knowledge of foreign languages demonstrates well roundedness.

Yet, despite these benefits, students are less likely to take advantage of language courses, which may explain why there are not any foreign language electives openly available at the moment.

Nonetheless, John Arias, the Assistant Principal of World Languages, states, “I think it is a very good idea for students who complete a three year sequence in a language to select a second language in their junior or senior year. I often honor that request from students who come to me and ask for it.”

Although it is possible to study a different foreign language at Tech during junior and senior year, it is not very common, but more students would be persuaded to try it if directly given the opportunity to do so.

Arias adds, “A new language and culture widens people’s horizons and allows them to look at the world with a different lens.”

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