Boys Wrestling Dominates Stuyvesant

By Karla Modesto

Brooklyn Tech’s Boys Wrestling team defeated Stuyvesant on January 16th.  The energy was palpable in Tech’s first floor gym as the Engineers emerged victorious with a final score of 72-0.

Tech wrestlers are no strangers to such victories. In the past four years, they have taken home two City Championships and have had three consecutive P.S.A.L. State Tournament Qualifiers. In addition to these great achievements as a team, three individuals have received All-State Wrestler titles and one has received an All-American title.

Last week’s match against Stuy was one of the most attended matches of the season – even our own principal, Randy Asher, was present. The audience was in awe as it watched Tech rise victorious match after match.

There were 12 matches in total, one of which was a forfeit on Stuy’s part. Nine of the matches were won through pins, which earned Tech six points each. The remaining two matches were won as a result of technical falls, which earned Tech five points each. Most matches lasted less than 30 seconds and ended with Stuy wrestlers lying on the mat.

Anthony Gafurova, a current Law and Society senior and veteran of the team, credits Tech’s success to “the amazing coaches and extremely hard workouts.”  The wrestlers train for about three hours a day.

Gafurova was in a match against Stuy’s Taras Klymyuk and says that he was “excited after pinning in under thirty seconds.”

Gafurova, along with other wrestlers and enthusiasts, is confident in the team’s ability to make it to the City-Finals, which they’ve been doing for four years consecutively. The team’s dedication and guidance under Head Coach Steve Flanagan will undoubtedly contribute to another successful season.

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