The College Process: Hardship and Reward

By Vivian Fung

Masquerade Ball, Disney World, prom, and graduation are all words associated with senior year. While some students are already experiencing senioritis, others are working hard on their college applications. The fun senior events don’t begin until the dreaded college applications are over.

Unfortunately,the college process can’t be done overnight. Whether one is applying to a private, state, or city college, one has to go through a similar process. Countless hours of research and applications need to be completed. The college process can be challenging, especially for those who fail to meet deadlines or those who decide to do it the last minute. The process is comprised of recommendations, essays, and SATs. As if that isn’t already an overwhelming list, some schools require supplements.

College advisor, Diana Balsamo suggests, “Stay as organized as possible. The process requires lots of steps so don’t miss any deadlines. The most difficult part is deciding on a college list that is suitable. The best way to be less stressful is to start early. Waiting last minute to send out applications is not a good idea.”

Due to the long, demanding procedure, many students are stressed. To ease the pressure and answer repetitive questions, there have been Facebook groups to help one another out. Questions relating to Naviance, CommonApp, graduating class size, recommendations, and fee waivers can all be found on the BTHS College Guidance Facebook group. There is also a college ambassador program where students work with the College Office and go to workshops and training to help provide assistance to their classmates.

The journey to graduation may be hard due to the difficulty of balancing schoolwork, college admissions, internships, sport teams, and social lives, but once the college applications are out of the way, the late night study sessions and hard work will be worth it.

Guidance counselor, Johnny Ventura advises, “It is important to have time management and to prioritize. Don’t procrastinate and things will run smoother.”

The college application process is more than numbers and words on a piece of paper. It is standing out among our peers. Besides our transcripts, SAT I and SAT II scores, colleges want to learn about an individual’s capabilities. They want a well- rounded candidate that is represented through real life experiences from personal statements, community service, and job experiences. They also value demonstrated interest. For the past few months, students have been going on college trips and even missing class to go to college panel presentations.

Technites have worked hard and dedicated hours to their studies to finally make it to their senior year. Although the college application process may be a lot of pressure, the end results will reflect the effort and commitment.

A current senior, Elaine Lee says, “The college application process is such a tedious, stressful process that seems completely unnecessary and over-exaggerated for absolutely no reason. Yet, it brings excitement because it’s one stepping stone to being liberated from my old self.”

Hang on seniors. When the applications are submitted and results come in, the hard work will pay off.

As Ventura said, “Enjoy senior year. Work hard, play hard.”

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