What is the Current Fashion Scene at Tech?

Two students sat down with The Survey to discuss their take on current fashion trends at school and their advice to others at Tech.

November 2, 2020

Part I: Interview With Melody Chen




Melody is a sophomore who uses fashion to express herself. She believes that fashion transcends materialism.


MICHELLE: How would you describe your fashion style?

MELODY: I like to feel comfortable in what I wear so I think my style is a combination of street style and athletic style. For athletic wear, I like to wear hoodies combined with sweats because it allows flexibility when I play sports. For streetwear, I like to wear jeggings with bucket hats. For accessories, I wear chains and belts. Overall, I think that my style has always been influenced by whatever I feel confident and comfortable in. I always rely on a style that has a bit of flexibility in it.

MICHELLE: What does your style reveal about you?

MELODY: My style always changes to either vibrant neon or black-esque style, demonstrating that I have a changing personality and that I enjoy exploring new styles and experimenting with them too.



MICHELLE: What inspires your outfit and fashion? Is there anyone you look up to?

MELODY: A variety of people inspire my fashion and outfits. I specifically get my inspirations from New Yorkers, fellow Technites, Bella Hadid, and Instagram model @pasabist. 



MICHELLE: How long does it take you to come up with outfit ideas everyday?

MELODY: I usually don’t think about my outfits too much because I either have no time in the mornings and put on whatever I think looks good for the day or I have an idea the night before and I get it down fast because I already know it’s going to be a good fit. 



MICHELLE: Do you have any particular favorite apparel stores?

MELODY: I like trendy and cool clothing so I enjoy shopping at stores like Urban Outfitters, Supreme, Off White, Brandy Melville, Stussy, and Balenciaga. 



MICHELLE: Do you think there’s a diverse range of styles in Brooklyn Tech? How would you compare your style with everyone else’s here?

MELODY: Yes, I think that the diverse community we have accurately reflects the wide range of styles here at Brooklyn Tech. Since I don’t have a designated style, I switch between different styles based on what inspires me and my mood. For instance, over the course of the week, I can switch from street style to retro to athletic, to soft.



PART II: Interview With Jun




JUN: Hi, I’m an Asian kid in finance major. I’m taller than average and pretty outward.



MICHELLE: How would you describe your fashion style?

JUN: Well, it used to be super flashy with silver chains, shiny tucked in shirts with ripped skinny jeans. I didn’t like how it made me look and so I switched to a more conservative style. These days I try to keep it earthy with much darker tones, primarily shades of brown and green, with softer textures, trying to convey a more mature and compassionate me. I also incorporate more head accessories to my outfit these days as it just adds the finishing sophistication that makes the outfit stand out.



MICHELLE: Who inspires your outfits and fashion sense? Is there anyone you look up to?

JUN: I don’t look up to anyone for fashion inspiration. I mostly get inspiration through people I see on the streets. As I’ve walked around shopping districts in China, Singapore, and New York, I’ve seen quite a few outfits that had elements that stood out to me. I keep those in my head as I put new outfits together.

MICHELLE: How do the clothes you wear help you feel confident?

JUN: They allow me to show that I care about how I present myself.  Also, they grab the attention of others and the casual glances make me feel confident.

MICHELLE: Do you think there’s a story behind your style? Does it tell people who you are as a person?

JUN: Yes, I  think my extensive travels in Asia often reflect my stylistic choices.  I think it correctly reflects my status as a reserved, outward, and soft person.

MICHELLE: What advice would you give to teens and youths who are trying to express their individuality through fashion, finding their own styles, and to feel confident in what they wear?

JUN: I would say to keep experimenting and look to their peers for inspiration.



MICHELLE: How did you discover what clothes and style you feel confident with?

JUN: I look for clothing that looks good and can easily curate outfits with. For example, I personally buy new cohesive pieces and then I pick and match them with pieces that I have already.

MICHELLE: How long does it take you to come up with outfit ideas everyday?

JUN: I have a few clothing groups of 6-10 pieces that work with each other and I spend around five minutes each morning putting it together based on which ones are available while the rest are washing.

MICHELLE: What are your essential pieces?

JUN: All of my earthy pieces: browns and beiges. I feel like those shades fit well on me.


MICHELLE: That sounds great. Do you have any particular favorite apparel stores?

JUN: Well, I personally enjoy Uniqlo a lot because they have a lot of Asian elements in clothing.  Also, their clothing is really easy to build layers with due to their simplicity, which is not to say they’re plain. They just don’t do many flashy patterns. It’s just a lot more about the silhouette of the clothing. I personally prefer this emphasis on the silhouette due to my taste in oversized clothing.


MICHELLE: I really like the simplicity of the clothes in Uniqlo too. Do you think there is a diverse range of styles at school? How would you compare your style with everyone else’s there?

JUN: I personally think that it is not that diverse in terms of fashion. I see a lot of the same outfits everyday, especially among girls, namely the light blue jeans with white crop top look. But there is a numerous numbered subgroup of folks exhibiting some unique choices in their outfits. I personally think my style is quite unique at school.

MICHELLE: How does school influence the way you dress?

JUN: School doesn’t affect me that much in what my style is but it does affect how much effort I put into thinking about it. That’s because I like to feel confident in what I wear.



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