Zeshan Gondal

Zeshan GondalZeshan Gondal ’15 has been writing for the sports section of The Survey, but also loves to share his opinion with the occasional editorial. He is passionate about NBA basketball (lets go Knicks!) and runs for Tech’s track team. He serves as a student representative to the Alumni Foundation Board of Directors and hopes to voice student concerns at the upcoming board meetings for the 2014-15 school year.

Zeshan is in the Social Science Research major at Tech, and loves the classes in his major. Sociology is his favorite but there are tons of other fascinating ones from anthropology to economics. It’s important to understand how the world around us works, and social science seeks to do just that.

Although he was born in Brooklyn, Zeshan’s family is from Pakistan, and he hopes to go back and visit within a few years.  He enjoys running and reading nonfiction in his free time. If you ever need an opinion on current events or college applications, he’s the way to go.

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