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Kevin Chiu ‘16 is currently a News writer for The Survey and hopes that he can enlighten those who are unaware of critical events which directly influence the universe as a whole.  Enthusiastic about the world around him, Kevin believes people take for granted for where they are today, and strongly feels that preserving and treasuring humanity’s history is an absolute necessity. Through The Survey, Kevin finds another opportunity to share with his readers the absolute truth about important topics of the world.

Kevin is currently in the Electrical and Mechanical Engineering major, where he deeply enjoys creating convoluted circuits while designing new ways to make his projects more compact and efficient. Interested in seemingly limitless powers of technology, Kevin attended the Web Design Club, Software Development Club, and attempted to learn coding languages during spare time in the summer.

During his spare time, Kevin plays the piano and enjoys playing video games with family and friends. He profoundly enjoys all types of music, and shares that The All-American Rejects sparked his first desire to listen to the radio. He loves meeting new people and hopes to explore all of the innumerable attractions of his city and the all of the seven continents. Out of all the places outside of New York, he currently has been to Florida, Washington, the District of Columbia, Alaska, Dominican Republic, Canada, Hong Kong, China, and Japan.

Kevin is of Chinese descent with some Hawaiian and Dominican lineage. He speaks Cantonese and English fluently, but is able to have a simple conversation with others through Spanish and Mandarin.

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