Kevin AduKevin Adu ‘15 joined The Survey during his junior year as a writer for the Arts and Entertainment section, hoping to increase awareness of the artistically talented students that attend Tech and of the fantastic opportunities in arts and entertainment that exist just outside of the school halls.  As one of the two copy editors on staff, Kevin hopes to maintain the the quality and veracity of writing on The Survey.

Besides reading and writing,  Kevin has a great appreciation and love for science and mathematics.  Thanks to experiences in great classrooms with inspirational teachers at Tech, this appreciation has only grown.  Kevin hopes to encourage others to enjoy these subjects as President/Captain of BTHS Science Bowl Team and as a tutor in various organizations.

Born in Queens and currently residing in Brooklyn, Kevin enjoys the experience of a Nigerian culture due to his immigrant parents. This includes watching Nollywood movies, eating Nigerian meals everyday and rooting for the football team at every game.

His hobbies include playing the piano, African drums and the clarinet, Lego building and doing crossword puzzles.  Kevin can often be seen carrying around a newspaper and a pen.

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