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Jasmin Wang ’17 is currently The Survey’s sports editor. She is an athlete inside and outside of school. Jasmin currently swims for Tech’s swim team which is ranked second in NYC.   Outside of school, she trains in two martial arts: Taekwondo and Jiu Jitsu.  Jasmin also dives and trains on trampolines in local pools.

Jasmin has always enjoyed writing and decided to display her passion by writing in her middle school editorial. As she transitioned to high school, she wrote articles for the sports column freshman year. Jasmin stands behind her work and is proud to inform her fellow peers about how some of the thirty-two sports teams in the school are performing.  Not only is Tech academically strong but also athletically.

Jasmin is Chinese, Taiwanese, and Peruvian (believe it or not). She enjoys eating all types of cuisines, especially Spanish.  Despire having a terrible fear of airplanes, Jasmin has traveled to six continents.  She enjoys experiencing the different cultures the world has to offer.

During Jasmin’s down time she reads books, works out and catches up on her favorite TV shows like Modern Family, Suburgatory, Master Chef, Melissa and Joey, Baby Daddy, and Once Upon a Time.

One of her favorite things to do is text and snapchat her friends. If you see her, feel free to say hi because she won’t bite!

Contact Information: jwang1836@bths.edu

Facebook: Jasmin Wang

Instagram: JASMIN_WANG2


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