Christopher Sprycha

Christopher Sprycha’16 (Chris) has been with The Survey since his sophomore year. His previous assignment was writing for the news section of the paper, and now he is taking the role of managing editor. Chris looks forward to this new experience, which he views as an opportunity to let the newspaper do what it was made to do – inform others of what is going on and how it will impact them.

Aside from editing this year, Chris will be playing right tackle for the Tech Engineers this season. The hopes for the entire team are to get to the playoffs and to lose no games. With work and dedication put in by every player, that goal looks attainable. Come out and support your team this season at our games which are conveniently scheduled for Saturday and some Friday night games. Our first scrimmage is August 28 at Tech field and the first game is September 6!

Chris was born and raised in Brooklyn. Being raised in Brooklyn provided him with the comforts of city living as well as the benefits of not living in the city. Chris lives in a neighborhood that really feels like a community – everyone knows each other.

In his free time, Chris enjoys reading, writing, and playing video games.

Christopher can be contacted at

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