Choudhury Rahman


Choudhury Rahman’16 joined The Survey in his Junior Year as News writer. Along with the other writers in his section, Choudhury hopes to keep students of Brooklyn Tech interested and well-informed about pressing issues in New York City and throughout the world.

His passion in biology compelled him to join the Biological Sciences major and he has thus far, enjoyed his experience. Choudhury is fascinated by the complexity of life at every level and hopes to learn more about genetics and anatomy in his upcoming senior year. He is not yet sure about his future career, but without a doubt, it will involve biology. In his spare time, Choudhury enjoys reading and playing chess.

    Choudhury was born in Brooklyn and lives in Bay Ridge, a neighborhood which he considers to be the best kept secret in Brooklyn. During the summer, he enjoys walking along the pier that lines the Hudson River, simply reminiscing and enjoying the view to Staten Island. He also frequently visits his home country Bangladesh with his family, most recently during the summer of 2012. Unfortunately, the country is currently struggling with political problems of its own, but Choudhury hopes to return as soon as possible.

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