By George Dorrington While the FIFA World Cup qualifying season for soccer has just started, the boy’s varsity soccer team season has come to a close. After last year’s impressive season, where the team ended with six wins, five losses, and one tie, placing third in their division, hopes wereRead More →

​By Lucy Hanson Can you guess what accounts for two million injuries, 500,000 doctor visits, and 30,000 hospitalizations each year? I bet you would never have expected the answer to be high school athletes, (“Youth Sports Injury Statistics,” Lisa Weisenberger, ​High school athletes across the United States sustain aboutRead More →

By River Bunkley With over 200 clubs, teams, and organizations, many have remained unknown to a majority of Technites for years. A club that’s been flying under the radar is the Ultimate Frisbee Club. The Ultimate Frisbee Club, put simply, plays ultimate frisbee. Jack Killcoyne ’14 started the Ultimate FrisbeeRead More →

Brooklyn Tech is a school known for its academic prowess, so much so that its athletic achievements are sometimes given little attention. Things were different, however, on February 6, when seven Tech athletes were honored for either being recruited by or signing with Division 1 athletic programs. Tech pulled outRead More →

Students who lack particular athletic talent but would like to be part of athletic teams usually opt for a team manager position. The rapid increase in popularity of being a manager for a team lead to the question: what exactly do managers do? Being a manager for teams is gettingRead More →

If the ancient Greeks could see what happened to the once marveled Olympics, they would surly turn over in their graves. In ancient Greece, participants went to Olympia to partake in the games which were closely linked to religious ceremonies. After the victors won, they were announced and received theirRead More →