By Julia Andresakis’18 Tea has been linked to calming the body for as long as it has been consumed. With the amount of stress the school year typically brings to Tech students, feelings of calmness and clarity are essential to toning down stress levels every now and then. Many sleep-deprived,Read More →

By Stephanie Mach’18 Jansport or Herschel? “As we walk through the school hallways, we see many popular brand named school bags strapped on the backs of students and teachers. Herschel has only recently grown in popularity among students while Jansport has been around for quite sometime. These rivaling companies are both setRead More →

By Saurav Hossain’ 18 What better time than 1:32 am to write about a tremendous Tech problem: insomnia. Actually, all high school and college  students face insomnia. Insomnia, caused by stress, work, overload, and various origins lead to the same consequences, a large population of students with an insufficient amountRead More →

By Bing Chen’ 17 Now is the time to start thinking about eating healthier. It can be hard to eat healthy when we are constantly surrounded by processed foods, but there are many different ways to achieve a healthy lifestyle without these junk foods. Eating healthy is neither complicated norRead More →

By Jasmin Wang The Lifestyle Section welcomes all newcomers to explore the Survey page. This year, there will be an extensive collection of different topics being covered. There will be articles dealing with emotional, physical, and physiological topics relating to our daily lives. As teenagers, we are faced with manyRead More →