By Rose Chen Adult coloring books are far from novel at this point. Introduced in the 1960s, they have been around ever since. Until recently however, the books accrued much criticism. The first books were propaganda-motivated and mocking in theme. Published in 1962, The New Frontier Coloring Book, for instance,Read More →

by Jasmine Vohra and Heyam Muflahi Participation grades are designed to reflect a student’s engagement in class—but do they do so accurately? Those who retain the most amount of knowledge might very well have a learning style that doesn’t adhere to the participation standards. Taking thorough notes and listening intently toRead More →

by Arianna Sarjoo A growing group of parents today obsess over determining their child’s multi step plan to an ivy league college and a career so full of success, you would think they never struggled. With access to the abundance of information resources a parent can receive from the internetRead More →

by Jasmine Vohra The Dakota Access Pipeline is intended to be completed this year when it will, begin its job of transporting hundreds of thousands of crude oil daily from North Dakota to Illinois. However, the pipeline will provide harsh realities for those residing in Standing Rock. Not only is theRead More →

By Mohamad Amin The only state to have its own electricity grid, the only state to join by treaty, and possibly the best representation of America within America, has some demographic trends that will make any downtrodden Democrat quite happy. Of course I am talking about Texas, which much likeRead More →

by Jasmine Vohra and Heyam Muflahi Our nation began one of the most hectic of its recent years with a theme of diversity, inclusion and empowerment in the air. The LGBTQ+ community had entered its sixth month of marriage equality, and hadn’t ceased celebrating the right to be unapologetically queer. Our socialRead More →

by Jasmine Vohra, and Heyam Muflahi Through a recent clinical trial by the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism, the breakthrough of male contraceptives was made, and unfortunately, neglected. The injectable hormone contraceptive has proven to be 96% effective through a study involving 320 people, however, it was tossed aside because of theRead More →

by Mohamad Amin Ten years ago, The Washington Post published an article on “The Rise of the Testing Culture,” an article detailing how students have to deal with multitudes of standardized tests, the worst being the SAT. As Tech students we’re all too familiar with the SAT, the article fails to mentionRead More →

By Jasmine Vohra, and  Heyam Muflahi Many people take part in wearing makeup in their everyday lives, for multiple reasons. Most makeup wearers have, at some point, been advised to not wear too much makeup because “you’re not a clown” or “people prefer if you look more natural.” But isRead More →