By Sonya Fucci Proofs? Foci? Locus? What’s that? I’m still at inequalities! Many students, who went to middle schools that offered the Algebra I Regents, start their high school Mathematics careers by taking Geometry. However, there are freshmen who were not given that opportunity and must take Algebra I, evenRead More →

Dear Survey readers, It has been a while since you have had the opportunity to pick up a print issue of The Survey, leaf through its pages, maybe get a couple ink stains on your fingers, and learn about your community. Some of you may know, we’ve dedicated much ofRead More →

By Lamiya Khandaker The tragic incident in Newtown, Connecticut has sparked not only gun-control debates, but also new policies in schools all over the country. Public schools are now practicing lock-down drills—procedures that schools take in the event that an armed individual has intruded into the building. The drill goesRead More →

By San KoKo Htet On February 27th, an e-mail was sent out from the school informing parents and students that “due to vandalism it is necessary to close the bathrooms on all floors for maintenance,” except for those on the first and seventh floors. It also said that the bathroomsRead More →

By Admir Milla Every Friday during the final months of senior year, you’re bound to see hordes of twins, celebrities, and superheroes strolling or flying, through the halls. Pride Days allow seniors the chance to show off their imagination and collaborate with one another. Whether it’s the 75th Superman orRead More →

By Sarina Tan and Michelle Lam Missing school is normal for any student. Often, it’s out of the student’s power. Though it sometimes can’t be helped, the effects still impact the student academically. After missing merely a day of school, students are often suddenly faced with a ten-page essay forRead More →

By Artem Osherov Brooklyn has a reputation for excellence when it comes to pizza. The thin crust slice, a local favorite better known as New York-style pizza, remains a trustworthy cure to hunger for the on-the-go New Yorker. With pizzerias around the city boasting the “dollar slice,” it’s time toRead More →