Shakespeare, Hawthorne, Fitzgerald. We’ve all heard these names and many others countless times in our English classes. While their works have rightly earned their spots on the golden shelf of timeless classics, they tend to elicit groans from students who have been assigned the grueling task of interpreting their works.Read More →

By Brendalis Martinez Every student has felt the familiar pang of worry upon realizing they are running late to school, because a train or bus has suddenly halted. Some teachers excuse students from this kind of lateness. For example, Kenneth Mccumiskey, a Global Studies teacher, created a pass system forRead More →

By Sarina Tan and Michelle Lam With the constant demand for better and newer technology, it has become increasingly important for students to take advantage of all the opportunities courses like Design and Drafting for Production (DDP), Digital Electronics (DE), and others have to offer. The rapid growth of theRead More →

By Admir Milla It is difficult to say exactly what Senioritis is, but our seniors can try to explain it. “It’s asking the kid next to me for loose leaf and a writing utensil every day because my bag only contains food and my phone charger,” said Narmin Gadimova ’13.Read More →

By Eileen Cruz With the school year slowly coming to an end, it is an appropriate time to consider the challenges we face as Technites. The number one problem is the large workload. Students are often overwhelmed by their courses, and many have been driven to what seems like insanity.Read More →

By Sonya Fucci Proofs? Foci? Locus? What’s that? I’m still at inequalities! Many students, who went to middle schools that offered the Algebra I Regents, start their high school Mathematics careers by taking Geometry. However, there are freshmen who were not given that opportunity and must take Algebra I, evenRead More →

Dear Survey readers, It has been a while since you have had the opportunity to pick up a print issue of The Survey, leaf through its pages, maybe get a couple ink stains on your fingers, and learn about your community. Some of you may know, we’ve dedicated much ofRead More →

By Lamiya Khandaker The tragic incident in Newtown, Connecticut has sparked not only gun-control debates, but also new policies in schools all over the country. Public schools are now practicing lock-down drills—procedures that schools take in the event that an armed individual has intruded into the building. The drill goesRead More →