This year’s talent show at Brooklyn Tech lived up to everyone’s grand expectations and more. Students’ talents included everything from singing, playing musical instruments, such as guitar, piano, drums, to dancing, performing magic tricks and rapping in Chinese. Everything went smoothly due to the administration and student government’s hard workRead More →

The choral concert was the first of a trio of performances that Tech hosted. It was an incredible experience and everyone who watched it was captivated by an extremely talented advanced chorus. The beginning chorus was slightly underwhelming, but the classics like “Let It Snow” and the “Mozart Canon” wereRead More →

Paramore has made an amazing breakthrough in 2017 as the now-dubbed “genre-neutral” band released another album filled with jams this May, titled After Laughter. With minimal album promotion, the band wanted to focus much more on fans and making music together as friends. From this, they’ve decided to do anotherRead More →